Technology and Platform Partners

Scientific Technology Partners

Certara’s Technology and Platform Partners are companies that offer complementary products and platforms. Many of these are market leaders in their field and create stable, proven environments for developing and delivering Certara’s solutions to our customers.

  • ChemAxon: Certara works with ChemAxon to provide seamless integration between ChemAxon’s industry standard cheminformatics tools and Certara’s D360 research data access solution. D360 integrates ‘out of the box’ with ChemAxon’s JChem cartridge and Marvin sketcher.
  • CORE Informatics: Certara’s partnership with Core Informatics provides a standard connector for Certara’s D360 research data access solution to Core Informatics LIMS databases.
  • Excelra Knowledge Solutions (formerly GVK Informatics): Certara leverages Excelra’s scientific knowledge base and technology to provide regular updates to its Clinical Trials Outcomes databases.
  • Optibrium: Connectivity between Optibrium’s multi-parameter analysis package StarDrop and Certara’s D360 research data access solution enhances the workflows of Discovery scientists in the development of new medicinal compounds.
  • Rudraya: Certara partners with Rudraya to provide the KEEP informatics platform for its Clinical Trials databases.