Grant and Partnership Scheme

Grant and Partnership Scheme


Certara is committed to supporting research at associate Academic Centers of Excellence and not-for-profit institutions. We have been proud to contribute to research on an ad-hoc basis in partnership with our academic associates. Following the success of these collaborations, and an increase in interest in matters relating to in vitro-in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE) and mechanistic pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), we are inviting applications for Ph.D. or postdoctoral scholarships on an annual basis.

Eligible academic institutions working in the areas of pharmacokinetics, in vitro-in vivo extrapolation (absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and transporters), paediatric pharmacology, PK/PD modeling and pharmacogenetics are invited to submit research proposals. A maximum of £30,000 per annum is available for Ph.D. scholarships up to three years in duration or £50,000 per annum for postdoctoral research up to two years in duration.

Eligible institutions must hold a valid Simcyp Software Academic License* at the time the applications are reviewed. Additionally, either the Principal Investigator or Research Scientist(s) named on the preliminary Grant and Partnership Scheme (GPS) application form must have attended a full 5-day Simcyp Workshop or 3 Focused Workshops within the previous 3 years. Existing Simcyp users who have previously met the workshop attendance may attend 2 Focused Workshops to update their knowledge and refresh their workshop attendance requirement.

Those eligible can submit applications up to the number of research licenses held (e.g., two academic research licenses, a maximum of two applications). The purpose of the funding is to endorse research at leading academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations that hold a Simcyp Software Academic License. Successful proposals will be those that demonstrate the application of Simcyp Software at the institute through performance verification via clinical studies or by gathering in vitro data that informs Simcyp simulations.

Research scientists working on successful projects are also provided the opportunity to undertake a sabbatical at Certara’s Sheffield, UK office to work on the project with the support of the Simcyp Division’s Research and Development team. The costs of this, including travel and accommodation, should be factored into the proposal as extra funding will not be provided. Applications will be reviewed by an internal panel of experts along with representatives from our Simcyp Consortium member companies.

*valid academic license = a license held under the conditions stated in the agreement, which must meet the requirement of all listed users of the Simcyp Software and associated users attending appropriate Simcyp workshops in the previous three years.

Interested institutions should note the following, to check they are eligible:

  • Institutions wishing to apply must have a successful track record in the area of the proposed research.
  • Institutions must hold a valid Simcyp Software academic license at the time the application is reviewed and work concerning the project cannot be subcontracted.
  • The Principal Investigator or Research Scientist(s) named on the preliminary GPS application form must have attended appropriate Simcyp Workshops within the previous 3 years.
  • A maximum of £30,000 per annum is available for Ph.D. scholarships up to three years in duration or £50,000 per annum for postdoctoral research up to two years in duration. Applications requesting amounts above these totals will not be considered.
  • The successful institution is required to sign an agreement granting an exclusive royalty-free license to the project results generated from the research. Prior to submitting your proposal, please check with your institution contracts department that this is agreeable.

Criteria applications will be assessed on:

  • Scientific merit and feasibility of the proposal (e.g., clear objectives, feasibility of project)
  • Scientific justification of budget and timeline (e.g., achievability of proposed timeline)
  • Relevance to applications and advancement of mechanistic modelling (e.g. relevance of the proposed project to applications and advancement of mechanistic modelling and improvement of the current models/algorithms).
  • Track record of the institution and department (e.g., scientific experience and expertise in proposed area of research)
  • Additional scores (up to 3) will also be awarded to applications relevant to 3 top Simcyp Areas of Interest as voted for annually by members of the Simcyp Executive Committee, Simcyp Scientific Advisory Board and a selection of the Simcyp Consortium Members. For 2019, the top 3 areas of interest, in order, are Transporters, Biopharmaceutics and Special Populations.

The application process is a two-stage submission procedure. Submission of preliminary proposals for this year’s scheme will open on Thursday 1st August 2019, closing on Sunday 22nd September 2019. Those selected to submit a full application will be contacted at the beginning of November with a deadline to submit the full application by Sunday 1st December 2019. The proposal selected for funding will be announced the following year.

Please download the preliminary application template here. Once complete, please send it to Please note preliminary applications can only be sent between 1st August – 22nd September 2019.

Previous GPS Winners:

2011 – Flinders University of Adelaide, Australia

2012 – University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

2013 – University of Washington, USA

2014 – University of Manchester, UK

2015 – Radboud University Medical Center, the Netherlands

2016 – University of Washington, USA

2017 – Long Island University, USA

2018 – University of Birmingham, UK