Our Partners

Our Partners

Together, Certara and our partners provide customers across the globe with products, services and solutions that help solve the key challenges of modern drug discovery and development.

Scientific Partners and Collaborators

Working in close partnership with respected scientists at designated academic Centers of Excellence, Certara is committed to training the next generation of experts in model-informed techniques.

Certara works closely with scientific partners and collaborators to ensure that leading-edge technologies are delivered to customers.

Technology & Platform Partners

Certara’s technology & platform partners are companies that offer complementary products and platforms. Many of these are market leaders in their field and create stable, proven environments for developing and delivering Certara’s solutions to our customers.


Certara has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to further develop the Simcyp Dog model for the evaluation of drug products intended for use in different canine breeds.

Supporting Ongoing Development and Innovative Research

Certara actively engages in funded research projects on a collaborative and individual basis and has extensive experience in this area. Current projects include:

  • 2012-2017, OrBiTo: Oral Biopharmaceutics Tools
  • 2011-2015, Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 Fellowship: The Impact of Inter-individual Variability in Human Intestinal Transport Protein Abundance and Function on Drug Absorption
  • 2011-2015, TINN2: Treat Infections in Neonates: Evaluation of an Infective Agent (azithromycin) for the Treatment of Infections in Pre-term and Term Neonates
  • 2011-2016, DDMoRe: Drug Disease Model Resources
  • 2011-2015, TAIN: Treatment of Adrenal Insufficiency in Neonates and Young Children using a Pediatric Immediate Release Hydrocortisone Formulation