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At Certara, we are innovators, dedicated to helping our clients develop new therapies and target unmet medical needs, expand existing therapies to other subpopulations, communicate scientific information in the language of regulatory success and market access, balance risk-benefit profiles, differentiate therapies from the competitive landscape, and unlock millions of dollars in R&D savings.



Impactful Science from Bench to Market: Certara History

Certara was formed in 2008 by the merger of Tripos International with the Pharsight Corporation, a leader in pharmacometrics software and services. In 2012, the company acquired Simcyp Limited, providing a modeling and simulation platform for predicting the fate of drugs in virtual populations. The leader in physiologically-based pharmacometrics, Simcyp manages a consortium of 36 leading pharmaceutical companies that leverage the unique Simcyp simulator. The following year, the acquisition of Great Lakes Drug Development, Inc further increased the depth of Certara’s early drug development analysis and modeling and simulation capabilities, working on behalf of the world’s best known foundations.

Seeking to add global regulatory writing and submission services to Certara’s drug development consulting expertise, Synchrogenix joined Certara in 2014. In early 2015, Synchrogenix added ClinGenuity, artificial intelligence technology for use in regulatory and medical writing. Later that year, Certara created the preeminent global strategic modeling and simulation consultancy through its merger with Quantitative Solutions, and renamed the group Certara Strategic Consulting (CSC). At the end of 2015, Certara created a division within Simcyp focused on Quantitative Systems Pharmacology through the acquisition of XenologiQ. In September 2016, the company expanded its CSC unit through the acquisition of d3 Medicine, a global organization focused on integrated drug development and clinical pharmacology.

In 2017, Synchrogenix added Global Submit, an industry-leader in regulatory submission software and services. In February 2018, Certara entered the health economics/outcomes research, market access, and real world evidence market through the acquisitions of BaseCase and Analytica Laser. BaseCase provides market access value communication technology and services, while Analytica Laser is a global research consultancy committed to providing the highest level of evidence on the value of medicines and health technologies.

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