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New FDA Guidance on Penalties Relating to ClinicalTrials.gov

By Carrie Mitchell and Jason Buck Recently, the FDA issued a guidance concerning the penalties for noncompliance with ClinicalTrials.gov requirements. Sponsors conducting clinical trials should understand and follow the requirements for registering trials and reporting the results on ClinicalTrials.gov. The requirements have been in force since 2007 and were part of Section 801 of the … Continued


Certara-Monash University Industry Fellowship Program Receives Funding from MTPConnect

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – October 26, 2017 – MTPConnect today announced it will provide provisional funding to the Certara-Monash University Industry Fellowship Program over two years, with proposed matched funding coming from Certara.


Meet Pharma Transparency Mandates & Engage Study Participants

Most clinical study participants want to know the results of trials they participated in. However, few are actually informed. Lack of communication and transparency jeopardizes the success of the clinical research enterprise. In this blog post, I’ll discuss a new model for communicating trial results in lay language with minimum added burden on sponsors and … Continued


Streamline Your Approach to EMA Policy 0070

Policy 0070― published by the European Medical Agency (EMA) in October 2014― has made the world of regulatory writing a more complicated place. The policy requires specified submission documents to be made public for all marketing authorization applications (MAA’s) submitted as of January 1, 2015 and for all indication extensions and line extensions submitted as … Continued

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