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6 Signs You Need Help with Submission Planning

Steve Sibley

Setting and adhering to a timeline for planning, drafting, reviewing, and editing regulatory documents needed for the submission dossier is a major challenge for drug development teams. I think of this process as having three phases: “discovery, drive, and survive.” In a previous blog post, I discussed the planning that occurs in the discovery phase. […]

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Topics: Regulatory & Medical Writing

A Practical Approach to the Challenges of Pediatric Drug Development

Barry Mangum

Drug developers can’t take an adult clinical trial protocol and simply retool it for pediatrics. Yet, in my work at a pediatric clinical research organization (CRO), I frequently see sponsors attempt to do just that. Successfully implementing a pediatric drug development plan poses challenges regarding trial planning, design, and conduct. In this blog post, I’ll […]

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Topics: Clinical Pharmacology Strategy, PK/PD Modeling & Simulation

Modeling & Simulation Take a Prominent Role in FDA’s Newly Published DDI Guidances

Ellen Leinfuss

On October 25, 2017, the FDA published two new guidance documents on drug-drug interactions (DDI). These guidance documents replace the February 2012 guidance, “Drug Interaction Studies—Study Design, Data Analysis, Implications for Dosing, and Labeling Recommendations.” According to the FDA, these new guidances reflect the agency’s current thinking and greater learnings on DDI and provides a […]

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Topics: PBPK Modeling & Simulation

Phoenix Modeling Language School: The Semester in Review

Maria Saluta

Phoenix® WinNonlin® uses Phoenix Modeling Language (PML) to encode pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) models. Although most models can be built using the Phoenix graphical user interface (GUI), some models require custom coding with PML. During the latter part of 2016, Certara’s support team, led by Dr. Bernd Wendt, Director of Training and Support, introduced […]

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Topics: PK/PD Modeling & Simulation