Mechanistic Model-based Analysis of Biopharmaceutics Experiments—Application of In Vitro-In Vivo Extrapolation (IVIVE) Techniques within a PBPK Modeling Framework

In vitro dissolution testing is a critical component of drug product development and is often used as a surrogate for in vivo performance. While the range of (USP) standard methods have been developed and tested for many years, no single dissolution test or apparatus comprehensively maps the in vivo behaviour of the range of compound … Continued

Revolutionizing Drug Development—d3 Medicine Joins the Certara Family

Thinking Without BordersTM Developing Medicines that MatterTM These guiding principles fueled the creation of d3 Medicine. With a goal of revolutionizing the pharmaceutical paradigm to accelerate developing medicines that benefit society, combining d3 and Certara was a ‘no brainer.’ Delivering on our clients’ mission The d3 Medicine staff join Certara’s Strategic Consulting (CSC) division, which … Continued

Phoenix WinNonlin Validation Suite

The Phoenix WinNonlin Validation Suite is a desktop application that provides objective evidence of Phoenix WinNonlin functionality and streamlines the validation process through the use of automated tests accessed through a graphical user interface and validation document templates.