Quantify Depression Clinical Outcomes Database

The Quantify Major Depression Disorder (MDD) Clinical Outcomes Database documents clinical efficacy and safety information from randomized and controlled regulatory trials investigating monotherapy and adjunctive therapy pharmaceutical drugs for major depression disorder and treatment-resistant depression.

Highlights of the Quebec “Drug Discovery to Development” Symposium

In today’s drug development climate, we’re encouraged to “think global, act local.” I have had the privilege of supporting the development of important new therapies for clients around the globe. But sometimes, it is helpful to take a step back and look at the exciting science going on in your own backyard. With that spirit … Continued

Effective Communication for Pharmacometricians with Joga Gobburu

The modeling and simulation revolution is transforming our approach to drug development. Quantitative pharmacology models can yield valuable insights that help sponsors make better decisions regarding their drug programs. For pharmacometricians to influence decision making, they must be able to effectively communicate. Dr. Joga Gobburu is a Professor at the University of Maryland Schools of … Continued

Synchrogenix ClinGenuity Redaction Management Solution (CRMS)

Synchrogenix’s unique AI engine, has created an engine that is built on natural language processing and recognition. Because of the power behind our unique AI, the engine can be configured to identify PPD and CCI the same way an individual would be trained on these definitions. The process of identifying and redacting sensitive information becomes automated and significantly more accurate.

On the Road Again: Leveraging the Power of Phoenix

Last year during our inaugural Phoenix Roadshow workshop program across the US, Europe and Asia, we gained valuable feedback and ideas from our customers on “All Things Phoenix.” Based on the success of that program, and with new updates and case studies to share with our users, we commenced our 2nd Annual Phoenix Roadshow in … Continued

Learning from Failure: Leveraging Biosimulation for Pediatric Drug Development Success

The high rate of trial failures, increasing regulatory demands, and ethical imperatives all require a reexamination of the current approach to pediatric drug development. Biosimulation is a proven approach that will help optimize trial design and inform the drug label. This approach can support global regulatory strategies that increase the likelihood of success for pediatric drug development programs.