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PK/PD Modeling and Simulation

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PMx Workbench

Secure, regulatory compliant workflow for pharmacometrics

The PMx Workbench provides a secure, regulatory compliant workflow for pharmacometrics through the integration of PKS®, a PK/PD data repository and Phoenix® Connect™, an open architecture PK/PD modeling environment that connects to commonly used third party modeling tools.

The PMx Workbench offers modeling teams the ability to work collaboratively on pharmacometrics projects; it allows an organization to create a knowledge base of modeling projects and to later search and query by metadata; and it links data sources with final analysis, notifying users of any change in the underlying data and offering traceability between inputs and outputs.  

Most importantly, the PMx Workbench is a mature platform built on an open architecture, giving each company the ability to continue using the same modeling tools they use today, but within a compliant and more efficient workflow.

Key Benefits

  • Create a global, centralized knowledge base of all pharmacometrics projects for re-use and sharing
  • Users can develop reusable graphical workflows that link to commonly used PK/PD modeling tools
  • Ability to edit model code in native third party applications
  • Send compute jobs to remote grids and clusters
  • Create standardized outputs for consistent reporting
  • Supports 21 CFR part 11 compliance with a full audit trail, version control, and electronic signatures to help meet FDA requirements
  • Traceability between all inputs and outputs
  • Refresh notification if underlying data has changed
  • All data, models, control files, code, plots, tables and outputs stored as a single project file
  • Visibility into ‘live’ log files during model execution (local/remote)
  • A security model to support publishing models for peer review/use