Certara's scientific consultants support strategic drug development decisions and submission-ready analyses.

Our Practice

Our Consulting Leadership

René Bruno

Managing Director, PCS Europe

Dr. Bruno interacts with client development teams to define modeling and simulation strategies to support development decisions.


Duncan Edwards

Sr. Scientific Adviser and Systems Architect

Dr. Edwards has multidisciplinary experience spanning drug discovery, drug development and information technology.

Iain Gardner

Sr. Scientific Adviser and Head of Translational Science

Dr. Gardner leads the team that is responsible for further developments of the population based physiologically based PK-PD simulators to meet the needs of consortium members.


David Hermann

Vice President and Lead Scientist

Dr. Hermann has 20 years experience as a champion of model-based drug development serving both large and small pharmaceutical companies.

Masoud Jamei

Vice President of Research and Development

Dr. Jamei leads a team that works on different aspects of model-based drug development including in vitro-in vivo extrapolation techniques and physiologically-based PK/PD models.


Hidefumi Kasai

Manager, PCS Japan

Mr. Kasai has experience in preclinical pharmacokinetics, population PK/PD analysis, and modeling and simulation strategies in various therapeutic areas including infection and CNS. 

JF Marier

Vice President and Lead Scientist

Dr. Marier's experience spans non-compartmental and population PK/PD modeling and simulation across all phases of development and in specific populations (pediatric/geriatric, renal/liver impaired).


Henri Merdjan

Sr. Director

Dr. Merdjan has 25 years of industrial experience in various therapeutic areas including infection, cardiovascular, CNS, oncology, and metabolic and musculoskeletal diseases.

William Poland

Vice President and Lead Scientist

Dr. Poland's research interests include practical viral dynamics modeling, portfolio optimization, and Bayesian adaptive program design trading off efficacy and side effects.


Mark Reimer

Vice President, Operations

Dr. Reimer leads a highly skilled team who is committed to providing high-quality, regulatory-compliant PK/PD analysis and reporting services for the pharma/biotech industry.

Amin Rostami

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Rostami leads a team of scientists working on extrapolation of in vitro data on drug metabolism to predict in vivo pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in virtual patient populations.


Karen Rowland Yeo

Sr. Scientific Adviser and Principal Consultant

Dr. Rowland Yeo supervises a team of senior scientists who have been involved in projects relating to the extrapolation of in vitro data to predict in vivo pharmacokinetics in humans.

Geoff Tucker

Vice President, Translational Science

Dr. Tucker is a co-founder of Simcyp and head of its consultancy. He was recently named president-elect for the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics.