Certara's scientific consultants support strategic drug development decisions and submission-ready analyses.

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Introduction to Certara Consulting Services - helping 17 new drugs get approved in the last two years

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Case Studies

Our global Consulting Services team has unparalleled experience across all development phases and in all major therapeutic areas, spanning 80+ disease indications and 130 drug classes. We have collaborated with clients to support key trial design and program-level development decisions at every point along the regulatory timeline.

We've highlighted a few key case studies here - just click the title to get the PDF.  To find more case studies and other publications, explore our Resource Library at the bottom of the page, or contact us today to discuss your interests with one of our experts.

  • Alzheimers Case Study: Modeling and Simulation Supports Competitive Dose Assessment and Go-No Go Decision
  • Diabetes Case Study: Modeling and Simulation Supports Competitive Product Profile Assessment and In-Licensing Decision
  • Oncology Case Study:  Modeling and Simulation Supports Dose Justification and Post Approval Commitment
  • Optimal Dose Case Study: Model Development and Trial Simulation Supports Dosing Decision
  • CNS Case Study: Modeling and Simulation Supports Pivotal Trial Strategy and Accelerates Clinical Development