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Certara's goal is to provide solutions in predictive science, communication and informatics that facilitate the elimination of barriers to bi-directional sharing of information.  Learn More

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How We Deliver Value

Certara supports accelerated drug discovery and development through a range of software and scientific consulting services.  From molecular modeling, to PK/PD software and services, to PBPK software and services, to scientific informatics, Certara is intent on supporting our clients' efforts to improve the success rate of drug development and to reduce the associated costs.  

In the last two years, Certara has realized the value of this approach by successfully supporting seventeen New Drug Applications (NDA) through the engagement of Pharsight Consulting Services, our experts in PK/PD modeling, analysis, and simulation.  If a successful NDA submission is the strongest testament to the value of model-based drug development, Certara has a very strong track record of success.  

In addition, Certara has developed an informatics solution, D360, that supports the sharing of information across the research and development process.  D360’s queryable data network approach allows scientific data from throughout the traditional discovery-development process to be explored in a scientifically meaningful manner to assess therapeutics and uncover trends.